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Product Technology Service
On-site installation or guided installation service

These high-risk installation and commissioning work must be performed by the senior technical engineer of our company who is specialized in on-site installation service, or under the guidance of senior technical engineers of our company who is specialized in field service engineers.

In the course of engagement in high-voltage electrostatic crude-water separation technology equipment for nearly 30 years, we have cultivated technical engineers with rich experiences of supervision on-site installation and commissioning on our equipment and specialize in on-site installation services, including electrical, instrumentation, process, equipment and overall skid disciplines which has reached the leading in domestic and international advanced level of technology.

Periodic maintenance and replacement of periodic spare parts

Our company will provide users with the above cycle maintenance and periodic replacement of spare parts, since many components are in the high voltage electric field inside the vessel, these components mostly have great relationship structural and smooth operation of the high voltage electric field, especially in the condition which the maintenance cycle is very short, it requires the maintenance work to be more professional and efficient fast, accurate and non-repetitive, so any improper or unprofessional work during check and repair is not allowed. In order to better serve customers, ensure the completion of repair work in a short time period, our company can provide technical services, sending skilled engineers to job site to check the condition of the equipment,after the period running together with users to evaluate the condition of the equipment, and do the cycle maintenance and spare parts replacement services well with high-quality.

Efficient demulsifier use commissioning services

Comparing to other demulsifier company, SANTACC can provide the professional technical services based on its well understand on the high voltage electric field design inside tank, oil-water interface height, high voltage electric field intensity in tank, the adjustment of the transformer output etc., these are our core, key competiveness.

In the service of screening and commissioning of high-efficiency demulsifier, not only the stable emulsion be demulsified but also the usage amount of demulsifer is optimized for making the equipment run more efficiently, achieving the most economical and high-efficiency operation effect, such as reducing the amount of demulsifier, lowering oil content of drainage, energy saving and emission reduction.

Electric desalting system operation optimization services

Focusing on the research of desalter for 30 years, we pay more attention to the application of our company's leading technology and rich practical experience in specific cases, to analyze and provide customers with the optimized service of desalting system, to achieve the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction, and to help customers obtain the maximum return with a small investment.Especially in the process of processing and mixing inferior heavy crude oil, refinery operators are often at a loss when facing the operation fluctuation of electric Desaltingdesalting equipment due to the easy emulsificationoccur.Some refineries are not equipped with professional technical engineers who are familiar with the operation of the electric desalting system, which puts forward a greater demand for the operation optimization service of the electric Desalting system.Under special conditions, we can simulate equipment running surroundings in our R&D Center to provide technology adjustment parameters to design and Service Work.

Provide technical training to customers

Our Company owns a capable and efficient after-sales service team, who frequently calls back and visits users all year round to fully understand the use of the equipment, listen to users' comments and Suggestions on equipment improvement, and timely solve technical problems.

Our Company will provide technical training on the performance, maintenance, operation and safety of the equipment to the operators and maintenance personnel of End-user, so as to make them proficient in operation.

Conduct regular customer satisfaction survey on products

Our Company developed the client’s information feedback system, and is equipped with specialist to collect and handle customer feedback. After receiving customer feedback and company will immediately to fill in the information feedback, the problem feedback to the relevant departments involved, and convene a meeting of the relevant departments, analysis reason, corrective actions plan formulation, and effectively implement the corrective actions, actively tracking the effect of its implementation.

Our Company regularly carries out customer satisfaction survey on the products, collects customer satisfaction questionnaire, and makes statistical summary of the satisfaction on a monthly basis. For customer concerns and feedback content, we make special tracking and improvement to meet customer needs.