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Equipment revamping and upgrading solution

In the process of mixing oil and processing heavy crude and inferior oil with inferior quality, it is easy to form a stable emulsion layer at the oil and water interface of the electric desalter vessel. The emulsifying layer is with a high conductivity, which often leads to short circuit and tripping operation and affects equipment normal operation.

Through successive research and development, SANTACC made technology breakthrough in the newly electric desalter, develops out the intelligent response high frequency electric desalting technology with stepless and adjustable output voltage, and high-frequency, AC-DC comprehensive electric field, changed the way of regulating pressure of multiple high-pressure gear, have successfully applied in many oil and petrochemical companies in revamping and upgrading equipment, not only effectively solve the problems of heavy inferior crude oil desalting, but also energy saving is obvious.

Revamping and Upgrading for imported Equipment in Domestic Market
No.Client & Project NameOriginal Equipment StatusTreating CapacitySelected Technology
1Sinopec Yangzi Company Refinery Plant

8 Sets of Electric Desalter Which Sinopec Headquarter Imported From Abroad In The 80’S 808

250×104T/AAC Electric Desalter
2Sinopec Zhenhai Petrochemical Co., Ltd.250×104T/AAC Electric Desalter
3Sinopec Anqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd.250×104T/AAC Electric Desalter
4Sinopec Wuhan Branch250×104T/AAC Electric Desalter
5Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd.High Speed Desalter350×104T/AAC Electric Desalter
6Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd.High Speed Desalter400×104T/AAC-DC Electric Desalter
7CNOOC Bohai PearlElectric Dehydrator42289BPDAC Electric Dehydrator
8BP China Exploration & Production Co. Liuhua Oilfield BranchElectric Dehydrator22500BPDAC Electric Dehydrator
9Dalian West Pacific Petrochemical Co., Ltd.High Speed Desalter1000×104T/AHigh Speed Desalter