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Skid Mounted Equipment

The skid is the equipment mounted in the structural frame or container frame, and the pipe, valve, pump, container, instrument and other integral combination installation in basement or frame. According to the process flow, space direction and space layout of modules, the process equipment, process pipe, steel structure or integrated frame inside the skid block are reasonably planned and arranged according to relevant standards to make it functional, modular and immobilized integrated equipment.

The skid block integrates manufacturing and assembly of pipes, valves, structures, storage tanks, pumps, agitators and instruments on the basement or in frame container. The materials and manufacturing standards of pipeline, structure and storage tank can be selected according to the requirements of the owner, which can meet the requirements of GB, ASME, PED and other design and manufacturing standards. After the completion of manufacturing and assembling, the factory will cooperate with the owner to conduct factory debugging to ensure meeting project technology and process requirements.

SANTACC can provide SKIDS includes: oil treatment skid, natural gas treatment skid, separator skid, sewage treatment skid, chemical doping skid, heat exchanger skid, nitrogen production skid, manifold skid, etc.

Features: The equipment are more compact, occupies less space, easy to transport and site installation, high operating efficiency, more economical cost.

Project Case:


FPSO Dehydrator skid for CFD11-1 & 11-2 Project of CNOOC


Off-shore Desalter Skid


Off-shore Dehydrator skid for SZ3601 of CNOOC


Desalter and affiliated system Skid mounted equipment for Jordan Refinery

Desalter skid+fresh water tank+ sewage treatment tank +chemical doping injection skid+ pump+heat exchanger skid +Electrical accessories+instrument control system


Condense oil separation skid


Oily Water separation Skid


Onshore dehydrator skid for North buzach project of Kazahkstan





(1) Test Separator  (2) First phase production separator  (3) Second phase production separator  (4) Dehydrator  (5) Desalter  (6) Heat exchanger  (7) Hydrocyclone