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Santacc always puts the health and safety of employees in the first place, and has set up an integrated management policy of "people-oriented, health and safety, environmental protection, and continuous improvement". We continuously strengthens the management concept of environment/occupational health and safety, continuously improves the quality of environment and occupational health and safety management, and does its best to protect the safety and health of employees, customers and suppliers.

Customer satisfaction and recognition are the driving force for our progress, so we put the confidentiality of our customers' business secrets and intellectual property rights in an important position. We solemnly promise that we will strictly keep confidential any information obtained from our customers that involves business secrets and intellectual property rights and other related information.

Company quality policy

00.jpgImprovement and innovation, manufacturing masterpieces, all employee participation, full course management, service demand, customer satisfaction.

Quality objective: contract performance rate ≥95%;

Handling rate of customer complaints is: 100%;

Customer satisfaction rate ≥90%;

The conformity passing rate of one delivery of complete set of electric desalter: ≥98%;

Passing rate of pressure vessel in supervision inspection/unit: ≥95%.

Company's environmental, occupational health and safety system policy and objectives

Company integrated management policy:1.jpg

People-oriented, health and safety, environmental protection, social responsibility.00.jpg

All-stuff participation, full-process management, with law rule enterprise, continuous improvement.

Occupational health and safety objectives:

Major and catastrophic accidents in annual production safety are 0;

Minor injury accident is no more than 2 times;

Occupational disease rate is 0;

The qualified rate of staff safety education is 100%;

The working rate of special jobs with certificates is 100%;

The qualified rate of timely rectification of safety hazards is 100%.

Cooperative Third Party Inspection Organs:DNV ● GL ● BV ● INTERTEK ● CCS ● LR ● TUV