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Company quality policy

00.jpgImprovement and innovation, manufacturing masterpieces, all employee participation, full course management, service demand, customer satisfaction.

Quality objective: contract performance rate ≥95%;

Handling rate of customer complaints is: 100%;

Customer satisfaction rate ≥90%;

The conformity passing rate of one delivery of complete set of electric desalter: ≥98%;

Passing rate of pressure vessel in supervision inspection/unit: ≥95%.

Company's environmental, occupational health and safety system policy and objectives

Company integrated management policy:

People-oriented, health and safety, environmental protection, social responsibility.00.jpg

All-stuff participation, full-process management, with law rule enterprise, continuous improvement.

Occupational health and safety objectives:

Major and catastrophic accidents in annual production safety are 0;

Minor injury accident is no more than 2 times;

Occupational disease rate is 0;

The qualified rate of staff safety education is 100%;

The working rate of special jobs with certificates is 100%;

The qualified rate of timely rectification of safety hazards is 100%.

Cooperative Third Party Inspection Organs:DNV ● GL ● BV ● INTERTEK ● CCS ● LR ● TUV