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Pressure Vessel


Pressure Vessel Qualification


Design software

PV Elite ASME Pressure vessel strength calculation


CADWORX 3-D Pipeline Design


SW6-2011 Pressure Vessel Design


Pressure Vessel facility Capacity

NameProcess Capacity
Rolling plate  Maximum thickness: 150mm
Rolling single joint  Maximum Width: 3000mm
Maximum Diameter  < 6000mm
Design Maximum Pressure  < 100MPa
Annual Production Capacity  15000 Tons/Annual

Process material type

No.Material TypeBrand and Grade
1  Structure steel  All brands and all grades
2  Carbon Steel  All brands and all grades
3  Low Alloy carbon steel  All brands and all grades
4  Stainless Steel  Austenite, Ferrite, Duplex stainless steel
5  Alloy stainless steel  INCOLOY, INCONEL, Monel
6  Titanium  All brands and all grades
7  Cladding Material  Carbon steel+ Austenitic stainless steel, Carbon steel+Nickel base alloy, Carbon steel+Titanium, Stainless steel+Titanium Etc.

Process Standards

1  China State Standard-GB
2  American Standard-ASME
3  Russian Standard-GOST
4  Brazil Standard-Petrobras
5  Algeria Standard-Sanatrach 

Welding Methods

No.Welding types
1  Submerged Arc Welding(SAW)
2  Gasmetalarcwelding(GMAW)
3  Automatic plasma welding(PAW)
4  Shield Metal Arc Welding(SMAW)
5  Argon Arc Welding(GTAW)

Manufacturing process flowline for pressure vessel


Pressure Vessel Products

■ Pig launcher & receiver  ■ Heat exchanger  ■ Open & Close drainage tank  ■ Buried tank  ■ Storage tank  ■ Tower column


CNOOC Enping 15-1CEP Platform Metal Container Tank delivery photo-1 (November of 2021)


CNOOC Enping 15-1 CEP Platform Metal Container Tank delivery photo-2 (November of 2021)


Cyclone separator for ME Project (Shipment in Jan. of 2022)


CNOOC LF 15-1 Platform Normal pressure Vessel (Shipment in Nov. of 2021)