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The party branch of SANTACC Energy Co., Ltd. has been carrying out the party history study and party building practice activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC Party

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As the centenary birthday of the CPC party is approaching, on the morning of June 29th, the party branch of the SANTACC branch organized all the party members and party membership activists to carry out the party history study education with the theme of "recalling the party history, inscription the party grace, strengthening the party spirit" and celebrating the party building time of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC party.

SANTACC Party branch organized its party members to carry out the study party's history, inheriting the glorious "learning" theme study, "strong fortress, pioneers, setting up excellent image" model exchange, organized party members to read the history of the party, led everyone to participate in party history study education, invited outstanding party members, advanced staff communication discussion, let us close contact with excellent characters, perceived the power of role models. Activities through the organization of party members "visit" red shrine, felt beautiful hometown practice, insighted the south lake farm field view, the reality experience, back to the hometown of red history, further understood the hardships of the years of the war of resistance against Japanese invasion and the happy life today hard-won, guided party members and the masses firmed ideal faith, follow up the CPC party leading forever.

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