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SANTACC successfully complete the "5 high" requirements of Newly products - oil remover shipment!

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December 21 is the winter Solstice, a traditional Chinese festival, with sunshine and fresh air.

Good news from Santacc Energy- "5 high" new product - oil remover equipment smoothly shipment.

This equipment is a oil remover for WE1.8*8.4-12.6 compressor export for No.5 gas lift molecular sieve dehydration expansion project of CPTDC Kazakhstan Ranarol Oilfield to deal with oil in natural gas. Technology and requirements with "5 high" characteristics:

The first "high" : wall thickness "more Heavy". The wall thickness of the tank is 72mm.

The Second "high": tank diameter/thickness ratio "large". The diameter of the tank is 1800mm, and the diameter thickness ratio of the tank is 72.

The Third "high" : bearing pressure "big". The hydrostatic test pressure is 16Mpa.

The Fourth "high" : high technical requirements. The equipment deals with flammable and corrosive natural gas containing hydrogen sulfide. Acid resistant plate (HIC and SSC corrosion resistant) is used for tank steel plate.

The Fifth "high": International Railway Combination Transport distance "Very long". This equipment is transported from Zhenjiang Dagang factory of Santacc Energy by truck to Urumqi, and then by train to Ranarol oil field in western Kazakhstan, crossing a total distance of more than 9,000 kilometers. In view of this feature, Santacc has made a "customized" reinforcement scheme.

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