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SANTACC ENERGY sends love to the front-line flood control and emergency workers

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The Meiyu Period in this year is full of rain and the flood situation is urgent. On the afternoon of July 13, the Yangzhong city's flood emergency response was upgraded to Level II; The high water level in the Yangzhong section of the Yangtze River reached 7.45 meters on July 22, 1.45 meters above the warning level, and the flood control pressure continues to escalation. In order to guard 120 kilometers of the river embankment, the city's general party cadres, troops, ordinary people and volunteers are united as one. Regular, fixed section, fixed personnel, fixed duty to carry out inspections, the risk section of embankment, bank collapse is to carry out 24-hour uninterrupted duty, to protect the safety of the city people.

At the same time, many social groups are also participating into the flood prevention line. On the morning of August 7, Ms. Sun Li, deputy secretary of the party branch of the company and the Charity Foundation, led the team to the street office to send fruits, mineral water and other consoling materials to the front-line flood control personnel who are guarding in the rainy and stormy campaign, expressing heartfelt thanks and greetings to them.

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